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The pyre upplumes; ignited by hot hands’ exhilarations

A ratio exactly furbished by fire-waving bonded bands

Descendants of the village-swarm compound on evil doers

Laughingly to burn

The hope’s to scare off shadow-casters, primates habit-shaped

Nightshades whom pressed to say within, without, are housed,

Defined as matter or as mind?

Inhibiting, inhabiting, fear’s backwoods borderlands

Stow up, put you away, divorce rescind dissever

Those mental minings nether caverns serpentine

Open to thought: bestir give light abroad formidibly

Secure the Siegfried line

Know only overtones, subtexts and deconstruction’s touch

Which on their stomachs march through hanging upside down in air

Remove old nightmares; reinstate, disport, declare

The fraught psyche the lair

There enter, sit and haggle, trouble and ado! ado!

Take up a chair and grace oneself guru

Enter go rifle, ransack, cry haloo!

And make to break anew

Late magicks, states inside, decantered in reflections

Invoked defections, alienations, interspersed and found in you

A brew’s regaled as ready, let the after-grounds so stew

To bring forth select gewgaws had as hand-held head-issues

Suffer a wit to tinker, meddle, break in and destroy

Infect and interfere, sowing skeptic septic seed, sow the joy

Of lustre beaming brazen; add a consequential coign:


Tall towered crenellations, landmark magnitudes manmade

All Alexanders all, that ban of empire underfoot

Who die so high and all, let all go-tumble, crumble, fall; for I

Am I not wonderful?

A next Iraq? nor yet; theirs is the very mode and set

Wherefore no exit

No apposite recovery for unbombing a Baghdad

Done neolithicised

Ejecting Humpty-Dumpty from The Emergency Room

Preliminary to wholesale wrack of Middle East

Intelligentsias had drawn out, gouged wrathful dragon’s teeth

For ornamentals

Now incidental

Fair crenellations crack, there stews apocalyptic soup

Apotheosis of worldwide dismemberment

Of arms and the man and of the wine-dark sea

Triumphant selfhood grooms

Itself an elephantine foot-in-mouth annihilation

Come of endless stocks of plenty, and its privation

– One may not become oneself!

Look to your health; your wealth; behold The Administration!

Think you the trump has sounded, and is getting ready,

To new-clear earth again this time forever God

Who loves no limit?

That’s nonsense, init

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