Poems from a Broken Heart -- Wounds

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Falling in love is one of the great experiences we can have in life. Who can ever forget a first love? Few end up marrying their first loves and get to live happily ever after. As for many people, the first love has ended with one or both people being heartbroken. For me, it was all encompassing…the despair, the emptiness, the feeling of “not being good enough.” All that energy was so overwhelming, there’s only so much the body can take, only so many tears to shed. After a while, I just became numb. The emotions were all still there though and luckily I had my writing to fall back on. I had never written any poetry before my first love. But once tragedy struck, the outpouring of emotions into words was unstoppable. This is one of the first poems I’ve written and just re-reading it, even though this happened many years ago, gets me all emotional all over again.


Mind betrays the heart.
That is life.
Like a shot in the dark,
You make the sacrifice.

However you tell me
In the most gentle tone of voice,
Choosing words most carefully,
All effort does not suffice.

In the end, there is pain,
Of a kind I've never known.
Pushing you away, unable to stand the strain,
Only to have you hold me closer again
In the embrace that I have grown
To Love.
Making the cut even deeper
Feeling everything
But the wiser.

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The wounds of love are painful, but you have to know how to cure them over time.


So true!

Very nice.


Thank you!