Poems from a Broken Heart - My Stars

in poetry •  8 months ago


Lifting tear-filled eyes
To infinite midnight skies
Searching for answers
Among the unforgiving stars
Who were once my allies...

Stars, many time I have gazed upon thee
Giving endless thanks for happiness
And for a genuine love
Manifested to reality.
Such warmth and comfort
I found in love's embrace,
Hoping the moment would never end
And vanish without a trace-
Tis my greatest fear.
Did my gratitude fall on deaf ears?
From the dreaded depths of possibility
My fear has come to be.

Torn emotions beg questions
Of why love has left me broken.
Silence is my stars' reply...
Prayers have been forsaken.

How dare they have me experience the love of a lifetime
That I've waited for, for so long,
Only to take it away in the end?
Leaving me alone... again.

My love, you and I always had the stars,
Gazing at them together, whenever there was a chance.
Time brought about unwanted change,
With distance that now separates us.
They shall be my eternal reminder
Of what once was,
But is no longer.

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To love is painful,but also beautiful..


To be love and to get love is wonderful thing. But alas in this modern world it became a rare thing.


Yes! It is especially rare to end up being with your first love.

Distance and times are enemies of love.

Nowadays love is depend on status, social security, and less from heart.

I really liked this picture. It shows so many thing at the same time but what I like the most is this part of your writing "My love, you and I always had the stars,"