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Inspiration: Today I lost something.

I felt it inside,
And it spread outside.
It affected my day
And stole my smile
Opening my teary gate
And changing my demeanor

I searched for solace
In the arms of strange women
And In the sea of bottles
Trying my best no to wallow too deep

I chased succour
In the wind and rain
Lost in thought as I wandered alone
Awakening the fire and sorrow within
Of mortal wound inflicted at dawn.

Nobody will feels the pain we feel
For each battle is won a million times
Amongst a billion loss
Of trials and errors predestined

I've lost again I know
But I'll follow the trail again
And trace the hustle bound lane
That hides success on its path
Then I'll forgot I lost
In the day I'll gather my loots.


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Thank to you for sharing this nice more sad .today I post about past sad life if you wish u can go through my post.hope you Wil like it

Thank you

me gusto mucho asi que tienes mi voto y te sigo

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Everything gonna ok just believe in yourself!

Thanks you.
I do appreciate this