Fulfill Your Potential - ( An original poem By @Masonmiler )

in #poetry7 years ago

Fulfill Your Potential 

You could be so much more 

But someone swore 

You'd be nothing

You have so much in store 

But you took their words into your core 

Instead of seeing they were bluffing

Why don't you debate 

And deflate 

Their predictions 

Show them the future you create 

And that you're the decider of your fate

Not all your restrictions 


How they can relate 

To your afflictions

Express how you equate 

And show all your innate 


Give it to them straight 

And if they can't understand get your mate 


Of what you can do 

Because it's through 

These images you'll be influential 

Present your view

And how you will pursue 

The attainment of your credentials 

And when you are made new 

Invite them to your debut 

So they can see your potential 


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