Like Gone (Blank Verse)

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Hi, poetry lovers. Although not iambic pentameter, it's still blank verse.

Image in the Public Domain (Wikimedia Commons

Like Gone

                                       The scene you don’t want to watch,
                                       the walk you don’t want to take,
                                       the voice you don’t want to hear,
                                       the promise now unbelieved.
                                       It’s time you don’t want to waste,
                                       places you won’t dare to see,
                                       a chance you won’t ever give,
                                       illusions you’re old to keep.

Thanks for reading poems.

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That is lovely, @marlyncabrera.

Thanks a lot, @Jayna. I love it that you liked it :)

I wish I was a poet! But I am not. So I enjoy it through the work of others.

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Reading poetry is nice in general (poems that we get to like). I enjoy it, too :)