Forever Spirits👻(An Original Poem)

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Forever Spirits👻

Upon the wind they fly
with hooves of fire they glow
their manes shine across the sky
a midnight summer show

Throughout history they have lived on
if only in believers dreams
the wild steeds of endless spirits
slipping through the starry seams

But as time travels on
and each new era unfolds
the number now dwindling
and the eve is becoming dark and cold

Less love and understanding
more greed and hate arise
souls adrift in a murky void
souls trapped by sorrows and lies

But this depletion of the power can be rekindled
if the spirit truly can realize
that more is gained after the ending
beyond this place somewhere up high

For the power we feel so precious
upon this planet is but a whim
gone forever in passing
so we must open our hearts up to Him

Like the steeds that glide through the darkness
and the stars that spread beauty to the night
we must offer love and hope to others
so that more souls can forever be bright

And someday we too will soar above the mountains
and be a guiding glimmer the sky
and forever be an everlasting spirit
that can never truly die.

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"Sometimes love is like purchasing a diamond, then finding out, it's only a piece of glass."



Very nice @marialin. I really liked the quote at the end. Keep up the great work.

For those reading, The Poetry-Trail is a great place to share your poems and read others work. Stop by and say hello.

Thank you :)

There really is an evolution of consciousness happening right now. I see it in so much of the poetry I read here and it really shines through in this poem. Thanks for sharing... your words were able to take me there!