"The world in the abyss"

in #poetry6 years ago


Matte picture
and strange faces with him.
They lie and destroy,
they throw themselves like hungry dogs.
All together

Bloody sky
where the sun does not rise.
There is fear in the eyes
and emptiness.
They can freeze fire.

Crushed, lonely
pushed into the abyss.
Red flooded
the world cried softly.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


Copyright © 2017 by margaretwise , All Rights Reserved


Skies like this always make me question life and it’s purposs but beautiful !!

When I look at the bloody sky, sometimes I have the impression that it is a strong message. The bloody sky struck my delicate strings of the soul and pierced me. Thank you my friend :-)


Hi Margaret, will this sky bring good weather or will there be thunder and lightning ? Will there be heavy rain ? For some places rain will be appreciated... its just how we look at it.
And do not forget; after rain comes sunshine ☀️

We have a lot of rains and thunderstorms here. that's why the sky looks like it looks.
Honestly, it scared me for the first time.

i really like your poetry.........your every poem has some meaningful theme.......and always you use the perfect photo...that's mostly impress me.....best of luck........

I am deeply appreciate :)

Crushed, lonely
pushed into the abyss.
Red flooded
the world cried softly.

Really wonderful write, Margaret:)

I am so appreciate my friend. Have a beautiful day with blue sky and full of sun ☀️

beautiful writing and what a gorgeous image tip!

Thank you so much my friend. Have a wonderful Thursday :-)

you to have a great day

Good poetry! Amazing sky with bloody color! Great shot! ;)

Thank you so much my sis. The sky really scared me :)

You're welcome! ;)

good poems friends, poems that tell about violence and struggle of life, success always with your poems friend, I always support you.

Great image! Always great writing..thnx.

Thank you so much :)

so sweeet nature,my dear friend @margaretwise,i like it this post all time,thanks for share,

a beautiful poem, world always cry softly.

Indeed, thank you so much.

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