"The craftsmanship of May" πŸ—πŸšͺ✍🏻

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I loved the city, beautiful and decent.
A city that is not sleeping,
and the young student plays harmony,
Vivaldi would be delighted.

It is breathtaking and the words are missing.
Beautiful streets, day and night.
Around old castles on the hills,
full of mysterious gardens.

A city where friendly people
dumplings sell with a smile on their faces.
The sound of Vltava, trams in the city.
Nights neon lights - beautify.

Whispers of lovers talking to each other.
The lovers are walking along the Charles Bridge.
Shining stars - embellish.
The craftsmanship of May is lit by fire.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


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Nicely written Margaret, the love and passion is obvious there.
Have a good weekend and enjoy !


Thank you my friend. I feel so delightful :)

It’s funny how some cities speak to us and others are silent.


So true. Thank you :)

Beautiful words my dear ! ^_^ Have a wonderful week-end Lovelie !
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Thank you very much, my friend. I'm very pleasantly pleased :)

Very glad to see that you like and love your city ... I also love my hometown ...


Thank you :)

City are ful of chaos and whispering are disappeared in chaos and few more people can listen it, beautiful poem.


Thank you my dear friend :)

wow..excellent post,my dear @margaretwise,very nice photograph,i love this post,thanks for share,


Thank you :)

The city, as you describe it, in that simple and beautiful way ... makes it look perfect, even with any defect it has.


Appreciate ;)

The craftsmanship of May, beautiful inspiration and beautiful images, all in harmony with the beauty that expresses the soul of its different senses. I liked. Congratulations, I will be a model for my inspiration. God bless you more.

"A city where friendly people
dumplings sell with a smile on their faces.
The sound of Vltava, trams in the city.
Nights neon lights - beautify."... awesome! It's really something touchy that you can feel in a jiffy. Thank you.


I am appreciate of your wonderful words. I am deeply honored :)


It's great to read your thoughts. Thanks :D

The descriptions of the city along with the image suits it very much!


Thank you so much ;)

That was completely lit with fire of great thoughts beautifully written peome from you :)


I am so appreciate of your very kind words ;)

Lovely . Nice poetry .
@margaretwise You have a new follower : - )
Thanks for share this . Keep it up .
Upvote and resteemed it . Thanks


Thank you so much. I am honored :)

amazing post @margaretwise


Thank you :)

wow! this is very nice and interesting !


Thank you ;)

Lovely post @margaretwise. That is a stunning photograph! 😊


Oh I am so delightful :) Thank you my dear

Lovely photo of the turn with reflection in water! Summer is here already!
It’s getting warmer by the days!

Have a great holiday!


Thank you. I feel summer in the air ;)