"Life" by @margaretwise in Poemchallenge ( orginal work ).

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Life is a gift, so it is worth living,
wisely and justly, in respect to people.
Do not squander for trivial needs,
what time took from us can not be recovered.

Happiness and good can not be bought,
You must consider your deeds and live with dignity.
No wealth of the world can replace us
A man should have in his heart.

Every poetic word is passion and excellence in the highlands and valleys :)

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Have fun my dear don't be afraid to use your imagination, try to believe in yourself and share with us your beauty from your heart. :-))

Thank you for your support :)

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I hope you have enjoyed !!!

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Beautiful words and photo!!! ♥

It's another splendid Friday, i've already gotten my entry in

Thank you so much :)

A very beautiful and thoughtful poem @margaretwise.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! 💙

My dear friend my weekend was very painful.

I buried my beloved grandmother. One of the posts is dedicated to her beautiful person.

Thank you for caring

I like your romantic soul my beautiful Margaret! :)))
Enjoy your Sunday :))

Thank you so much my Lovely @pepe.maya. Hugs

So true, so right
Straight from thy heart like a strong arrow,
Piercing through all illusions and deception
Laying the meaning and worth of a beautiful life!

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A beautiful summary, my dear friend. Thank you

what time took from us can not be recovered.

Beautifully spoken Margaret.

Our time is our most precious possession and I feel I am just starting to understand just how precious it is ~ And to make every moment count regardless of what is before me: Dishes in the sink or walking on the damp grass beside a mighty river. ⚖️

Thank you, dear, for finding a part of your soul and understanding in my words.

Wow! I really like your post. That words are beautiful and the picture complete them more.

So appreciate my friend :)


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