"Empty chairs" - Poetry with @margaretwise in Poemchallenge

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Where are you ?
I've been waiting for years.
Empty chairs are waiting,
mugs and plates.

Maybe you're wandering,
you do not know the address
I'm calling from a distance,
my voice breaks

I sit on the couch again,
long and comfortable, silence.
Everything has its place,
I put my head in my laps

Where are you ?
It's already night, again.
Good night.
Wherever you are.

( the first photo is not mine )


I am waiting for your poems until tomorrow.

Every poetic word is passion and excellence in the highlands and valleys :)

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Thank you for your support :)

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wow..great post,my dear friend @margaretwise,very good writing,thank you for sharing your post, i like it this post,

Thank you :)))

Such a great poem written with great connect and thoughts thanks for sharing :)

Thank you my friend :)

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