Upon going under (Day 66 of 100 -- Poetry challenge)

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I’m sinking in something heavy
into a soft spot
     a soggy bit of road
     a sand-trap

It seems there is always pain
when I think of you
I close my eyes to shield them
from the loudness of your words

I say too much but am never heard
I'm walked over
by the pounding of feet
with a painful

Stop sucking the air from the room
so that I may catch my breath

My tongue is swollen
my heart is burning
     I'm sending smoke signals

You’re picking my bones clean
whilst I’m still in here
     trying to live

If my head did not hurt
I’d stand up and shout
If my heart did not hurt
I'd stand up and scream

—so that you’d hear me

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  • Entry for Day 66 of 100 Days of Poetry Challenge by @d-pend.

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The imagery is breathtaking. I feel what you feel and I have been in the place you talk about. I am always having to think about what I am going to say to certain people in my life because I am not always heard or I am largely ignored. Thus, this is why I write poetry and stories, just so I can have an escape from the harshness of life. Thank you @mamadini for your wonderful and beautiful poetry.

Thank you for this wonderful sharing -- this kind of thing is fodder for our poetry and I am grateful for that. I've always been an outsider and we know our own. <3