Cosmic Intercourse

in #poetry7 years ago

Blue eyes in a face of black granite
gazing dreamily to the sound of divinity

Naomi Campbell level
a beauty unexplained

God is so good

Creating chocolate dripping springs
or better yet a Willy Wonka fantasy.

Breasts full with milk from the Milky Way
A new paradigm indeed.

Hips carved from the mountains of the Congo
Eyes picked from the sun
No other can compete.

Please let me enter u
I beg to know
a deep chasm containing secrets and dreams which are Infinite

Helping me to soon realize....EXPANSION



So very beautiful. Up'd an Steemed

Ty so much bro! I truly appreciate you!

So beautiful and inspirational.
Thank you for sharing.

Im happy that you enjoyed it @ahmad.rezk
Thanks so much for replying!

You're most welcome

What a gorgeous poem! Thanks for the beautiful insight!

Thanks for upvoting! I'm happy you enjoyed this poem.

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