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I just want to tell you a story
Of things that surely meant to be
For feeling takes place for us to see
How love works that we may bend our knee

It all begin when the engine start
A car move in a path of heart
A summer breeze that’s like an art
I feel like water in a half of quart

As it move along I pass by someone
I let her join in my long run
Riding under the light of the sun
Not knowing that we’re having fun

I see her smile in our journey
Feels like she want to be free
From heart aches and all those debris
That she want to forget so she plea

I want to keep that smile
Tell her that life is worthwhile
Even if the road takes mile
We will never be out of style

She look at me and say yes
But she lead me to a test
Tell me all of her mess
Want me to prepare for the rest

I know the road is rough
I promise her I’ll be tough
I just need her smile and laugh
And everything for me is enough

We must prepare for new I say
Another adventure are in the way
We need to grip our hands and pray
Until together we return to clay

Now for the fast car is through
We will sail in the ocean blue
The sea is wavy we have no clue
Hold my hand it’s just me and you

Babe grip on me for the universe is vast
I’ll take you there and we’re having a blast
Keep moving forward for the ship is fast
I love you so much and I want you to be my last

Keep Rhyming

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