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"Live your own life, for you will die your own death..." -- Latin Proverb

wide seat


Born to this world
full of so much light,
never expecting --
it could be such a fight.

The moment you arrived
you fought for your life,
grasping for breath --
just trying to survive.

Your history is written
before you are born --
you'll grow to be happy
healthy and strong...

They say as a people
united we stand --
but right from the start
you'd learn to be a man.

Searching for answers
just trying to be free,
but bullshit and fear
was all you could see.

Trapped in a world
full of lies and deceit,
speaking the truth
never sensing defeat.

Reaching for the stars
starring at the distance,
breaking the silence
of all that existed.

Believing the hype
playing the game,
walking in darkness
filled with so much shame.

Too tired to walk --
his cries had no sound.
Wishing for sunlight,
only none to be found.

Standing at the edge
hoping for a hand,
at war with himself
no will to withstand.

They say you're a blessing
a gift from the Gods,
at least --
that's what they say...

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Very dark. But death supposedly is as well, and we will all have to deal with it some day. You made darkness beautiful, thanks for that.


Well, i can't say it's dark. It's sounds very truthfully, a bit cynical for me, may be sadly. But it's beautiful, you are right:)


Thanks @surfermarly -- that is an amazing compliment.
Just in one of those dark moods :))

Very well expressed!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Life can be so cold and harsh at times, but I suppose if there is a poet on Steemit on the other side of the world such as yourself, that made time to write about it, then I know that at least I am not alone at the hands of my devises in this universe!


Thanks @breezin, I appreciate it -- And you are, most certainly.., not alone.


Yes I do know that, conformation however is always welcome

Very well done. I appreciate the darker themes as I tend to gravitate there when I write. I've followed you to see more!


I appreciate that @sgtechservices... And I completely understand what you mean about gravitating to the darker themes. Thanks again!

I hear wisdom in that proverb. Thanks for sharing it.


Anytime @jamesbrown. CHEERS!

"To[o] tired to walk --
his cries had no sound.
Wishing for sunlight," - these 3 lines pretty much sum up about 15 years of my own inner struggle. Oh, well :) I'm going to resteem your poem, I like it.


Thanks @kateblack -- I hear ya...
(consider it edited - thanks for the correction!). CHEERS :))


Im glad you like it... CHEERS!

Awesome! I have also written some poems with same genre . Do visit my blog and share your valuable feedback on my posts aswell :)


Thanks @perfectionist... I'll will definitely check it out :))


Thanks @elewarne... Appreciate it!