Heartbeat… (an original poem)

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The heart beats
its steady rhythm
going unheard
by all
the lives
unifies with its pulse

sometimes we can
feel it
when it races
with excitement
in the stillness
of night

vibrating through
our being
from one moment
to the next
into the ether
connecting us all

providing its vessel
the strength
and will to survive
to endure
all the whims
frivolous indulgence

accepting the fate
it will
one day stop
to exist
ending the life
the world it created

with intentions
that are pure
can harm
in an instant
silencing the one
it so graciously embodied

we are aware
of its power
that it cares
rely on its presence
until it's

no longer there.

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Beautifully written. The words drew me through until the end. Thank you.

Appreciate that @love2write... Cheers!

I have read clearly that your post is good and I like your post. @musamy have vote your post

Very powerful poem, friend. I'm glad I caught it in my feed... Having started, I read it all the way through to the end and felt your beat...



Thanks @creatr.., your comments are always very much appreciated. So glad you like it -- and felt its beat!

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we are aware
of its power
that it cares
rely on its presence
until it's
no longer there.

So true! Nice poetry. keep steeming.

Thanks @cwen.., always glad to know someone out there liked it -- Cheers!

You are much welcome

wwowww great word ... your word like the heart it is also beat

Appreciate it @yagoub!

The rhythm of emotion is felt in your poetry

Feel the beat... :))

Poetry feels .

wow that's nicely written :)

beautiful the menra in which you have written this beautiful poem dear friend
I really like realism in writing "we are conscious
of his being able to know that he cares to trust in his presence until he is no longer there "
congratulations dear friend @ macksby, thank you very much for sharing this beautiful poem
I wish you a beautiful night

Thank you @ jlufer... You have a wonderful evening, too!

Excellent writing.
For your post propagation.

Thanks @voteman.., it is very much appreciated -- Cheers!

Really amazing work, man!

Thanks.., appreciate it!

@macksby. Upvoted and follow. Thanks for sharing. A powerful rhythmic composition asocieted with ts subject.
Have a nice evening

Much appreciated.., and thanks for the thoughtful comment!

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