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Misunderstood and unappreciated
judged for being real
to follow the path
to nowhere
rebelliously unapologetic
not lurking in the shadows
or waiting in the wings
speaking truth to power
to all those --
self appointed kings

blessed by the chaos
of our time
forced to acknowledge
the need
for innocence to bloom
to smother the darkness
that engulfs
the minds, bodies and souls
that walk this planet
ignorant to the

the limitless possibilities
that have been squandered
by harmful rhetoric
and weaponized division
believing in the peace
the sweet madness
that flows through their veins
the birthright history
has declared
their moment in time

unable to conform
to the
failed ideas
of those
that sell their
to the highest
or cling to a past
never existed

living for today
imagining a future
that rejects
the status quo
but rather
inspire a world
that still has hope
not entitled, spoiled, selfish


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Very cool poem! I still have hope, and glad to see a hopeful note in this piece. I definitely reject the status quo and one of my mottos is, do not conform! :)

There is always hope... Thanks @kenny-crane!

Excellent poem, sir!

If you are going to talk about me however, please ask for permission first...

:) :))
To be honest.., I was talking about the younger generations that will have to deal with the crap we are leaving on their plate. Thanks for the comment @lucylin