Mr. Urinal - (An Original Poem)

in #poetry3 years ago

i welcome you all to the funeral,
of my good old friend, mr. urinal.
i swear you’ll be missed by everyone,
and this is where i insert a pun.
we will piss you.

here’s a few words from me to you friend,
i will not just stand here and pretend,
like we got along, but what to do?
i just really need you and miss you.
we will piss you.

time to close the tomb and to say goodbye.
it’s so hard to do it. what a guy,
mr. urinal was. always there,
for me when i needed to, oh well.
we will piss you.



Hahaha this made me laugh, thank you haha!

Uhh..nice bro :)

I first thought we will miss you, then...
We will piss you. - Epic line bro :)

Thank you haha! :)

We will piss you lol funny

Thank you haha :)