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A lake just sits calmly and also so still
Until the rain comes and a ripple appears.
This ripple so innocently comes and goes.
A girl then appears, her name no one knows.
She hypnotises everyone with her eyes;
They are as blue as the clearest of skies.
Her hair is long and perfectly combed.
Everyone wants to take this girl home.
At last she begins to speak, they all listen.
Everyone stops and makes sure no one's missing
Out on what this pretty girl has to say.
'Where did you come from? How long will you stay?"
"My name is Luna." is all that she speaks,
"I will be staying a couple of weeks."

A couple of weeks passed but Luna left not.
She said she's leaving, I guess she forgot.
Don't get me wrong, her presence is golden.
Sadly she met this one man named Holden.
Luna and Holden were meant for each other.
That's what we thought, but we learnt he's her brother.
Brotherly love is what Holden had gave her.
No one else did so I guess Holden saved her
From a depression she slowly developed.
She was so lost and screamed out for help.
Then one day she was nowhere to be found.
She disappeared without making a sound.

A search soon began, we tried not to lose hope.
Everyone in the village couldn't cope
With the fact Luna was gone, gone forever.
Will we ever see Luna again, ever?


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With love,


Luka once again you wrote a perfect poem!!

Thank you so so much! :)

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