drank on my pillows

in poetry •  6 months ago

drank on my pillows

my room
is a book of colors,
painted portraits and of

on my
walls are all my poems,
canvases and lyrics to
a lullaby.

we drank on my pillows,
on my floor and got together
the next day.

we were
like something that wasn’t
ever meant to die,
but i’m not sorry.



With love,

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beautiful poem!

Wow. That was a beautiful poem. I'm somewhat new to steemit so I am still figuring out all that it has to offer. I was just going through the poetry page and found your poem. Hope to see more from you in the future. Deffinately following


Thank you so much! :) I post poetry every single day and am active on here all the time. I hope you enjoy my content. Welcome to Steemit! :)

this poem, I feel like I appreciate it more each time I go through it again.
Great work!


Thank you so much! :)

Beautiful poem, in a room we left a large part of our lives.


Truth! Immense truth! Rooms hold so many memories and experiences. Thank you! :)

Wow, i love this. This is a very beautiful piece, and i love to see more of it


Thank you. :) You can read more of my poetry on my blog.

So, maybe, the speaker was very tired or sleepy? :)


Why tired? ;p