boyfriend, 17th of june 2020

in #poetrylast year


they locked us in for months on end.
i hate to sin but be my boyfriend;
we'll stay in bed and drink this wine.

i saw this coming but kept quiet.
in minneapolis, the riots
set flame to all.
we burn, we fall.

we fall in love each time we kiss.
a gucci tee to fuck the system
with all its talk;
let's take a walk...

let's walk the boulevard and smoke.
there's something heavenly provoking
me to express what's in my chest.
i feel helpless.

i will not cover up my face.
i stand for freedom; they can't trace me.
i'll throw my phone into the sea.

a second wave is on its way.
let's roll some weed up and get blazed
in case all dies out.