in #poetry2 years ago


the police broke the law and the world went into uproar.
the criminals will soon be out of prison; will corrupt war.
2020 was meant to be a year of high hopes,
but the puppeteer got bored; started pulling on the ropes,
and an orchestrated melodrama soon took over all.
in the midst of all the chaos, staring at a bedroom wall,
any sanity that i had left began to wither,
and every day i'd sit at home, locked in my mind till i considered
moving out into the middle of nowhere in belarus.
i didn't act on it, but i had nothing to lose.
now i'm sitting here on this bed, paint all on my hands,
'cause i walk through life spontaneously; no one understands,
but i'll find my mona lisa one day, i know i will.


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