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Soon the warm breeze will fade away.
The leaves will come alive in brilliant colors.
The days become shorter while the nights seem longer.

Halloween candy and trick-or-treats.
Will be at open doors on neighborhood streets.

The leaves will die and blow away.
When Jack Frost comes to town for a extended stay.

Christmas bells and lights to brighten the streets.
There is plenty of cheer for you and me.


For the very old.
The season of winter is lonely and cold.

Some often alone.
Disregarded in a nursing home.

Cast aside by society.
I wonder what, it would fill like if it was you or me.

Don’t get old my father said.
In a nursing home apon his death bed.

The homeless die each year from natures brutal winds.
Very much alone without a friend.


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There is a new offering in art. i lie it


Thank you ahlawat.

Waooo,, beautiful poetry


Thank you .

Very best,,,,,,,,,


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Great work at this post ,,,


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So sweet poetry I like your poetry and art


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Very beautiful portry😊
words are awesome! Great rhytem📷 beautiful artwork also


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Nicely written beautiful thoughts there :)


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Great way to give the flip side.. let's look at age with happiness too.


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Awesome.... o love this time of year.

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