The Definition of Insanity

in #poetry7 years ago


I want to do something dangerous
But not the kind of dangerous your mother lays awake at night hoping you won't do
Not the kind where you cut across five lanes of traffic
To spontaneously get on the highway to go 100 miles per hour for three exits
So you can feel alive
So you can take a street you don't need to take because you are already on a path home.

I want to do something dangerous
Like fall in love with you.
Like tell you all the things I haven't told anyone before
Like let you see me in ways I've not let anyone see me before
Like give you the power to destroy me and hope you that you won't because you are different
Like believe with my whole heart that you are different.

I want to do something dangerous
Like look into your eyes when we make love
Like fall in love.
Like let my heart sing and my soul beat faster.

When I give myself to you,
I am signing a contract with my own heart,
The collateral, the pen, and the ink.
That kind of dangerous.

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