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Anyone who has ever lost someone,
Knows what it is like to write a letter to a dead person.
Sometimes spoken to an empty room, shouted at molecules you wish were there.
Sometimes lifted in prayer.
Sometimes something a little more physical.

The last things you needed them to hear,
The last conversations you wish you could have had.
Sometimes written in a moment of Rock Bottom,
loneliness and desperation.

Anyone who has found themselves in love with a ghost,
Knows what it is like to beg them to come home.

Imagine my shock,
When a million little scribbles typed by sobbing eyes,
Returns a phone call from a voice lost to the universe...
That stopped more than half a decade ago.

It appears that when a Marine is presumed K.I.A.
Only to return a year after an empty casket has been lowered into his grave,
Sometimes the fiancé he left behind,
Isn't privey to that information.

The path to hell,
Is paved with good intentions.

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