The Breaking of Spirits

in #poetry5 years ago


The world kicks the wounded man in the groin

He writhes in pain and curses loudly

Betrayal is real and there is no sympathy for wounded dogs

Kill or be killed, dogs eat dogs

The skin grows thick to the harshness of the earth

And the mind hardened by her cruelty

The wounded man laughs amidst his tears and moans

He will rise again

But this time he will leave his heart behind


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it reminds me of virginia woolf a little bit

Thank you, that's quite a compliment

The endless cycle: Man destroys a good woman, making her a destroyer of men, making good men destroyers of women and it goes and goes. I really like this poem, it reminds me of the way I feel after every heartbreak, even down to the laugh. haha

Yes the cyclical making of hoes and fuckboys and more. Thanks for reading.

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