Love poetry

in #poetry7 years ago

images (15).jpg

Listen to some songs
And I'm crying, you do not know
When I think you're not next to me
I'd like to go home and run to you.

I want to put my heart in your chest
And suck my soul
And all the love I'm giving you
I'd like to kill you with my love on a harbor.

Take my love
Let me run with you as hard as I can
Get it in my soul
It's like I've always loved you.

I can not leave you my love anymore
I kiss you sweetly on your mouth
It curses you to always love me
Do not leave me, my soul.


Wow! That's beautiful. You have a wonderful and great talent. I wish I could draw like that :-) @lora87

Woow...Beautiful drawing @lora87

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