The Story Of Adam And Siti Eve

in #poetry5 years ago (edited)

The story of Adam and Siti Eve

We're both human
Of a different kind
You are my man woman
But it is created to be together

We love and be loved
We are both alike
But love unites us
What a beautiful love

Because of our mutual love
Blend the loyal love to each other
in the supreme power of the creator

We love to be happy
Comforting wipe away wounds
I do not have you languishing
I am not tormented

God creator unites us
In the story of adam and air
You made a sacrifice from the very beginning
Your ribs created me

Despite the death that separates us
in our paradise garden together.
After being grounded.
We can still unite
No tears And sorrow.

You and I to live forever.
You and I are doomed forever together.
You and I have been written in the lover's book
you and I are already united in the world And hereafter

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