Kill The American

in poetry •  2 months ago  (edited)


I am great again
My boss tells me so
Not the man with the orange hair
No, not him at all

Feed me, big pharma
Bring me good, good health
Super size me while I'm waiting
Don't make this one hard sell

Kill the American, they say
Around the world everywhere else
Terrorize us - label, libel
Or you could let us do it to ourselves

© This writing was created by and remains property of the username, lionsmane. It is to be claimed as an original piece only on whaleshares and steemit under this username (and possibly scorum under my other username). Creation date: March, 2019

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Interesting little poem but with a huge strong message! Well done!

Interesting copy-something notice. I wonder how the legal BS will deal with that!


What do you mean?

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I wonder if copyright can be used like that