The impact of the surface

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The impact of the surface:
Cameras control gestures,
Detectors emotions
Men fleeting unrest
Multitudes of decimated crowds
In silence lurks
In ghettos of fear.
History repeats itself
With high technology weapons,
Faceless dictators
Trying to crush liberty of thought
We are all Jews, Arabs, Gypsies, Blacks, Indians
In the massive destruction maps of
The Masters of the World, Masters of the Financial Markets
No gas chambers
Nor firing squads
They asphyxiate us with hunger
With Financial Taxes
Every image reports
Natural impotence
Collective hatred
Forecast of boundless war.
Indignation is now a dangerous virus
For which the only vaccine is
The reinvention of freedom

Luís Filipe Sarmento, Capture Effects, 2015

Foto: José Lorvão


Simplesmente incrível. Cruel por ser tão real

Muito obrigado @croniquista. Um forte abraço

These friend @ lfsarmentoare men loving themselves, thanks x share this post.

Isabel, thanks, muito obrigado, merci beaucoup, muchas gracias.

You're welcome, the photo is very good too. Successes