Until Someone From the Other Side Brings the Bottle Back To Me

in #poetry2 years ago

"Your past is important
but it is not nearly as important to your present
as the way you see your future."

Tony Campolo


I'll put my heart in a bottle,
where no one else can see;
away from the world outside,
alone, my heart will be.

The bottle must be amber,
in darkness my heart will lie;
guarded against the heat of summer,
and from the shower of a rainy day.

With my hands, I'll push the cover,
make sure the cork is tight;
my heart, now deaf to a close whisper,
will be kept from a blinding light.

The parting words will be a promise,
a vow to hold on to;
my heart for sure will find solace,
even in the days empty and blue.

The last thought will be a prayer,
my hope in His hand I will lay;
that someday He will be a giver,
of he who'll kiss the darkness away.

I'll put my heart in a bottle,
and throw it to the sea;
let it be carried by the rushing water,
far away from me.

And as the bottle goes with and against the tide,
incomplete it will be;
until someone from the other side,
brings the bottle back to me.

Thanks for passing by and Godspeed! :)
May the force be with us.


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