You Asked Me a Question(An Original Poem)

in #poetry6 years ago


You asked me a question and I didn't want to lie,
It came sudden that it took me by surprise,
My mouth was open and it took time to realise,
that answering was the only way to clear your mind!

I don't know why you think,
that one day I'll be gone,
While I've told you that we'll be,
for now till eternity,
So why will you even allow that kind of thing to ever cross your mind?

Haven't I always been true to our vows?
Why will I break it?
Why would I allow?
We've been married for years!
And I haven't made a sound!
And now you think,
that cheating is something I'll be starting now!

When we were traveling,
Right out of town,
Do you remember when I said,
I'll love you as much as Allah will allow!
You should know,
I won't go,

that is the last thing you should worry about.

Together, we'll be,
Building a legacy,
Of love and service,
To Allah the Almighty.

Now to answer your question.
I'll leave you one day,
Be it today,
Or in nights when the moon comes out to play,
What you should think of now is the answer to these words I say,
"Do people fall in love in heaven?"


This is an awesome piece. The rhyme scheme especially stole the center stage. Good one, friend.

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Very nice. I love your use of poetry devices.

Excellent lines of poem @learnandteach01

Together, we'll be,
Building a legacy,
Of love and service,
To Allah the Almighty.

I so much love that part above.

U got something unique. Keep it up

I read in between the line...interesting article @learnandteach01

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