The Battle Undone

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It's National Poetry Month (or at least it is in the States). Love poetry? Want to learn how to write better poetry? Writer's Digest features Robert Lee Brewer's poetry writing prompt each day this month. Day 9's writing prompt was to write a poem on a battle of some kind. The title was to be the following: Battle____

Here's what I came up with!

The Battle Undone

The heaving of minds—the walls of our bubbles pressing, pushing against each other—
We beg to be given space, beg with our intellect to be given the crown.
For in the bubble we call me, we have lost the treasure of you.
By seemingly inexplicable feelings, we crafted our walls
Until every inch that was open to you was sealed.

The catacomb I now inhabit gathers dust, untouched by another heart.
I breathe, move, and make busy, believing my world complete.
Truly, I breathe ash; I stink of self, my mind numb with lies.

What if the Truth-cut shard were able to pierce my resistant world fabric?
What if the light singed away the darkness to leave me bare, broken, and free?
What if I opened my eyes to see you in your wholeness, bare, broken, and free?
And what if, as we are bare, broken, and free, the secret battle is undone.

My hands reach for yours.
Then I reach for his.
And you reach for hers.
We reach to bless.


Interested in writing one of your own? Here's the link for today's writing prompt:

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