Poems from pain - Without you

in poetry •  9 months ago

I wrote this recently, It's actually the lyrics to a song I have written. One day I will be brave enough to upload a video of me playing guitar and singing it, but until then - it can be read as a poem.

See the bullshit in your eyes
reminding me that I'm not that wise
because I fell, for you
You broke my heart and you fucked my smile
you led me along for quite a while
stupid me, let you
Now I'm without you
and I'll never have you
and it hurts
that I weren't enough for you
All these years you let me feel
that our connection was very real
I thought I knew you
But now I see that it's just not there
that deep down inside you just don't care
like I did, for you
I've nothing to give
it all went to you and it's been destroyed
love and trust gone
how can I move on?
And there's nothing you can say
and there's nothing you can do
because it's done
and you've won
I'll no longer dream of you


Picture Source: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/beyondblue/2013/02/12-ways-to-mend-a-broken-heart-2.html

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