Poems from Pain - Pity & Blame

in poetry •  last year

She loved him too deeply
She was in danger, she knew
but the longer she loved him
the stronger love grew
she believed they were soul-mates
he said he did too
but those convincing loving moments
became far between and few

He said he still cared and loved her
when he left her again
yet he saw she was broken
and he left all the same
he'd return for a while
another turn at the game
but the twists just kept turning
and the trust turned to shame

The insults got darker
each topping the last
She hoped that somehow
that this dark cloud would pass

She tried harder and harder
to please his need for control
She believed that he loved her
as she nurtured his soul

But he didn't and he proved it
when she needed his care
the man she'd been loving
was no longer there
She see's that she's worth more
and her 'soul-mate' is gone
He was not who he'd painted
and she know's now she was wrong.

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