Poems from Pain - "Moving on"

in poetry •  11 months ago

A shattered vision taunts my thoughts
Now the future fills me with fear
It was all planned out – our happy life
But now you are no longer here

I know we can’t be together
But my heart hates us being apart
And this pain is what I deserve
For not being strong from the start

I ignored all the things that should warn me
That we wasn’t quite what we both need
I believed we could iron out problems
By communicating like we agreed

I am trying so hard not to hurt now
To accept that you and I are no more
To remember the reasons it failed
So I never walk back through that door

I’ll never again let you hurt me
But to do this I have to let go
I love you so hard it’s not easy
To not let my true feelings show

Only this one last time will I mourn us
And think about you fondly with tears
I’ll replay all those memories created
All our happy times over the years

I’ll always regret that we failed
And hope that we don’t cut all ties
But I’ll still see your beauty forever
When I look into our childrens eyes.

Written by Laura Bean 6th January 2018


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Great Poem full of feelings. You can actually feel how much in love you are. But my idea for love is If you Love someone you can set him free... I think that most people confuse Love with Obsession. People have forgotten what Unconditional (True) Love is... God Bless. Thanks for sharing beautiful work. Peace.


Thank you. Unconditional love is clearly and unfortunately what I feel. But you are right, letting go is the only way.. I'm getting there : )


Well I am glad that you understand this. I hope you go trough this process as fast as you can. Just Love yourself first unconditionally than it is very easy to make the right decision too. I will have you in my Prayers so you get better soon. God Bless You. Peace.