in poetry •  last year 

I finally filled the gap
The gap which has been in memory
For ever so long
The missing part of my puzzle was finally figured out
I wish that I didn't, but I did
Knowing it is not better
'cos it hurt so much like it happens yesterday
I finally remembered him come to my room

I remembered I was just a child
I remembered him touch me
I remembered him take away my innocence
Oh, and it was so painful

I experienced excrucial king pain
My young mind couldn't bear such
It was only I wonder that I woke up

The next morning to a blank in my head
Why did he do that?
Was I rude to him?
Was this some sore of punishment?

Not knowing what happened was better
But I know
And I see him everytime
Yet he acts like nothing happened
He was comforting me through the my ordeal

How do I handle this new piece of puzzle
Do I confront the moster?
Do I keep living my sorrowful life?
Or do I let go and live a good life ?

With this new information I have
I need help

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