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Oh! My family

That is meant to be a lily
Has become a pain sight
To behold therein
In which peace and joy
Has flew to the highest tree
Rather sorrow and pain
Has become the inhabitant of our home
Oh! My family

• How ancestral curse has chained
Our father down
Making the rest bitter
Our mother is in emotional trauma
As lean as a broomstick
As those days of sound mind is gone
Thinking has become a significant figure
To be done on daily basis
Oh! My family

• Food to be eaten is being examined,
cross checked and scrutinized
The sound of sewing machine
Choku……choku……. choku…….
And that of scissors
Cha……. Cha ………chaa ………..
Has been imbibed in us
As it is a means for our survival
Oh! My family

• The Ancestral Yoke which has not been broken
Because the father doesn’t accept the fact that there is such
Prayers meant for him has been ignored abandoned and dismissed
Thus, making him perform his duties with bitterness, hatred and sorrow
We the rest enjoying it with double mindedness
As you don’t know the area quarrel will emanate from
Oh! My family

• The Father exercise authority
Everywhere and also in the kitchen
Making our mother restless
Thus, leaving it for him
Only to end up being accused of leaving her duties as mother and wife
Shouts and insults
Are being melted to her by the head
Directly in front of the children
Such as
” Stop That Nonsense”
Get Out, Shut Up, Sit Down”
Commands given to a slave are given to her
Oh! What can we say

• She doesn’t look like a married woman
But a woman bought to perform
The duties of a slave
Even when the grown-up children are around
She cooks and does work meant for them
Only to please the Head
Oh! My family

• Complaint! Complaint!! Complaint!!!
All in vain
Prayer! Prayer!!! Prayer!!!
Seems like God is deaf
The enemy, the devil
Has seen the avenue to destroy our home
Oh! My family
What are we to do!!!

• Anger! Anger! Curse! Curse!
The father lashes out harsh words
As a result of the Anger which has been planted
That refused to evacuate
Our family is devastated and broken down
From morning to night shouts of anger and quarrel
Is being counted on daily basis
And has become a frequent behavior
Which we all try to accommodate
But how can that be so
Oh! My family

**I Miss My Family **

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