The Beginning Where I Stop (An Original)

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It's been weeks since I started writing this poem. I haven't really got to finish it. I always end up being stuck. Just recently, I figured out that I've been writing my poem incorrectly. Even the title was a mistake. I started with my title as, "The End Where I Begin" when in fact, the title below should have been my title in the first place.

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The Beginning Where I Stop

by: Krizia Michelle

This feeling I'm feeling,
A feeling quite interesting.
It's been quite a long time since,
Since my heart beat for a prince.
Uncontrollable heart beat,
Deep eyes I couldn't meet
Melodies swaying in the air,
Everything glowing and fair
The world slowing down,
Happiness that can drown
My face brimming with heat,
Voice squeaking a tweet
Be still, my heart, be still!
That man is made of steel.
Too good for you,
too good to be true.
All that's left is good-bye,
'coz that's not your guy.
Even if something's about to start,
This is the beginning where you stop.

Last week, I found this article from Thought Catalog after having the happiest dinner I could have in my previous company. A friend shared this in his Facebook timeline and as I read it, I kept asking myself,

"Is this me, right now?"
"Is being frank being too aggressive?"
"Am I wrong?"
"Should I stop?"

The day after that, I had a chat with another friend who deliberately told me to stop after hearing a piece of my story. He immediately told me that "He's not into you. He doesn't like you."

Then, someone who knows our story, another friend, told me, "Maybe, he's not ready, yet. Malay mo, soon." Which I answered with,

"I know that this thing-whatever-this-is isn't his priority."

In the end, I came up with the solution: "I should stop."

It's been four successful days that I haven't texted him. And unfortunately, he never sent a message. I guess that's an I-don't-like-you sign.

The article's called 'I Stopped Chasing You, But I Never Stopped Wanting You.

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