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How can I tell the day not to go
And the night not to show face?
How shall we then sleep?
How can I tell the bees not to buzz?
When it is their nature.
How can I tell God not to be merciful?
When he is so kind and can never change.
How can I tell the rain not to fall?
When there is cloud in the sky
How can I tell my shadow to stay behind?
When we are one.
How can I tell my eyes not to look?
When there is no one to shut it.
How can I tell the leaves not to fall?
And the dust not to rise?
When there is wind.
How can I tell the world not to shake?
When there is an earthquake.
How can I tell the mosquitoes not to suck?
When they must reproduce.
How can I tell the plants and trees not to exhale?
When we have to live.
How can I live in water when I don't have gills.
How can I even live ?
When you are not mine.
How can I not be beautiful?
When I have a beautiful creator.
How can you now tell me not to fall in love?
When you exist.
Please tell me how?

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