Words That Kill

in poetry •  10 months ago

Words that kill

So you say you know my name
but your words discard my pain
shame on you for killing me
my tears in desert dust you’ll see

My blood flows down the river free
your deadly fingers point straight at me
Vanishing in the dead of night
buried sorrow on the other side

You say you care with lies you swear
destruction comes without a dare
Let me vanish before sunrise
and wipe away my silent cries

G. Koevert


The way we act, judge, point fingers can sometimes have a very dark negative affect on people around us. The words we speak can or uplift or change someone’s day from negative to positive or our words can be the silent trigger of death in a persons life. @koevert
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That poem shows a reality not much of us care about. Thanks for sharing it, reminding us what the real power of our words is.

Point a finger, many more point back at you, lovely poem @koevert