Stories On The Autumn Leave

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)

I hear your wispers through the grass
As the South Easter wind brings stories from the past
To a land where fairytales are born
And soon forgotten in our daily storms

So write your story on the autumn leave
and send it to me on the back of the cold winter breeze
For I’ll be waiting in a foreign land
Your presence soon to warm my hand


Funny how autumn sometimes make me miss and think of things from the past (childhood). There is just something in the fresh cold air mixed with the winter sun and clear blue sky’s that makes me feel like a child again. Just love it!

Enjoy wherever you are today and keep your eyes open to see the beauty that surrounds our daily path.



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I really like the various works of poetry and photos let me Resteem your best poems and photos.

Thank you so much! Poetry, photography and writing and making music is very close to my heart🎶 You are more than welcome to resteem and I will go check out your posts as well. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Love this time of year, the cool mornings and evenings make for change @koevert

Change is good, after the heat of the days in summer, yes it makes one feel young, think young and remember our childhood.

Jip! Lets embrace it with our ever youthful soul! Enjoy your evening @joanstewart!