in poetry •  last year 

Puntry made me a king,
I had the balls to make a lion beg for Messi,
Everytime I jumped into trouble,
Lies fell from my lips,
But we all know the truth lies within us.

In my calendar,
Monday never liked Friday
But they both lived in a weekday,
However On Wednesday was the wedding's day.

On my way,
I lost my ass in a hole,
Down the road.
Till date,
No on has seen my asshole.

I think Mr chuck heart is resting
For thy hart in heaven.
Here is his son awake at full moon,
I saw him in the woods,
He fathered the plants at the farm,
Built nursery beds for them,
Where they slept night and day,
The bed was so smooth it did not soil their growth.

I had sleepless night sleeping with so much thoughts,
I think I should find a solution,
Like a beer,
Sleeping next to me with it's soft body,
All along I only thought of pun,
Like a pornstar
But now I will let pun relive alive in my life.


***playing with words'''

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