in poetry •  last year 

Deep thy feet in dirt and feel the music of success dancing through your mind with blistering esteem.


Lazy people are washed up by calamities, whom has rented the air of failure.

If you choose to heist your dreams away from the channel of destiny, then you will lose the right to sleep.

Pondering without season leaves you barren in thoughts.

As the wind of change comes towering-in,
Open your learning arms and welcome her with a warm embrace.

Insatiable are the mind of paupers,
For they believe wealth is the brother of suffering.

To them, Riches are like a stray squirrel, always ready to scram.

Such prodigy should be locked in their pockets, buried under the earth and not to wise investments.

Most wealthy people are not those who has reaped the harvest of their achievements,
But those who found precious stones while tilling the earth for the sowing of their dreams.


They are living in the luxury of their attempts.
Take that step or you may never get poked by the golden nail!.

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