"Be Thankful To God" - English Poetry

in poetry •  last year  (edited)

This poem I made dedicates to our Father. GOD 😊

Be Thankful to God


See and observe God's greatness
He made the trees in the forest
He created water and seas
And bird laying on their nest

God formed the nature
So we should be responsible
To fashion our temperament beautiful
For the benefit of our future

Wastes are dilate everywhere
Some are casting animals on the river
Others are not aware
Do we let this occur forever?

We should start to move
In order our true love will be prove
We should have unity
And begin in the community

We should appreciate God for everything
And contribute something
Ask His forgiveness
So that we can taste back His greatness


Amen 😊. Thank you for reading guys and dont forget to give thanks to our Father 😊

Good day 👋

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Amen. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

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Thank you for reading sir 😊