Map of Beauty

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Map of Beauty

Love me; love me tonight –under this moonlit

World filled with chaos. In only seconds your 

Hands, they have begun to map my body’s beauty

In fear this will be the last time in the presence 

Of each other.


I am torn in two, begging and pleading “don’t

Let the color from your eyes fade;” for tonight the

Candle light tangles our shadows together upon

The walls of our own beings.


Let me take your hand –to lead you into the 

Very existence of my being; feel the high,

The high created between us, feel the way 

You rip the very air from my lungs while 

Racing circle’s with my heart.  


I want to whisper sweet nothings upon your ears

–to watch as the reactions of my words show 

Its work being done, by the presence of the 

Goose-Bumps I can feel on your body as I

Hold you.


Living as it is possible to be our last; let us

Go there –to that place where we are met

With sweat dripping, blood rising, and

Toes curling; the force of control 

Has taken both us by twister through

The bed sheets one last time.

By Kelly Clegg

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