Society - (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  2 years ago

A social structure built on books centuries old
Even our logic Aristotelian, and since, only induction and deduction introduced
Steering away from cliches of the rich get wealthy
How about we hold accountable the organizations we enrich!

Value added tax on shoe laces and food
but alcohol and nicotine exempt
Political leaders fall far too short
and they are only representations of constituency, so let us not distort!

Scouring the planets for its resources as we squander Earthly ones
Our most advanced technology in the tips of atomic warheads
What a despicable breed, in my future life I'd like to be a pig,
then at least I'll have an excuse to shit where I eat!

A time to realize our collective social conscious,
then carefully reexamine!

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I can provide you with the fb link where I posted this even before the site you just presented.


Sorry for the intrusion. You were not flagged. Thanks for verifying. Good luck.


not at all! I appreciate your effort in trying to keep people honest. and thanks for not flagging haphazardly :D