IN MY WOMB ~My Original Poem

in poetry •  3 years ago  (edited)

Period was missed
PT was used
Blood test done
Confirmed baby in my womb

Im excited for my check up
I had my ultrasound
Heard your heartbeat
For the first time

I eat healthy foods
I drink anmum
I not stress myself
I take care of you

Monthly check up was good
Till your fourth month
Im excited for ultrasound
Gender might be revealed now

But the Ob told me bad news
It kills me inside
"Baby has no heartbeat
Need to take him out!"

And yes your a boy
And no you not leave me now
Baby why you not hold on
Just 5 months you'll be in my arms

If i can save your life
I will not think twice
If i can give you my life
I will give without a doubt

In my womb was Gods gift
In my womb was a life we give
Maybe God has a plan
And I strongly believe in Him

Dear God take care of my angel
Let my love be known to him
Baby, mommy loves you
Baby, i will never forget you.

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