Collection of Poetry (Life's Light)

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"I am a wrecked, living a sinking life. Like in the middle of the sea with no shore in sight. What would you see? A ship that is lost in the sea or a wreck boat that is still in a fight?."

Hola!, There. So I have decided to write today since there is this feeling that is bottled up in me that is struggling to come out. Instead of talking it to someone I decided to write this mess up emotions of mine. I have now starting to feel what the real life is and how wrecked it is that I think.

                                                                                by: StrangelyMuse

                                                                                   In a very dark place
                                                                   I have found myself wrapped in your lace.
                                                                         A strong grip that I can't escape
                                                                               I'm dying deeply inside.
                                                                                Oh! please let me out.

                                                                    Scared, frightened and shaking in fear.
                                                                     How I wanted for this pain to hinder
                                                                          For this suffering to be lesser.
                                                                      Oh! Somebody please let this stop.


                                                                                    by: StrangelyMuse

                                                                                    Life maybe rough
                                                                               Some people are harsh
                                                                            We're surrounded by bluff
                                                                              But no matter how awful
                                                                                        Still it's joyful
                                                                            With people who is hopeful
                                                                                         It maybe hard
                                                                              But really it's not that bad
                                                                            So don't let it stress you out
                                                                And just enjoy your life as if it is your last.


Like 'the quotes says common and too used as it is but it is the truth it says "There is always a rainbow after a rain." So as you can see there is negative but after passing through the rain you see the rainbow and have now become positive. So always remember you might cry a bucket today then tomorrow your smile would be brighter than any sun. Let's continue fighting guys. Adios.

"May your blog posts don't have any wrong grammar." (like mine.)
   Roxy Signing out. . . 

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