Surrender All :: A Poem

in poetry •  last year


Weak, faint, feeble
fragile shatters glass
broken pieces drifting
across empty plains
you see me whole
past my mess
past my pain
fall into your strength
nothing can be done
surrendering all to you
for you've already won

image by Pexels via Pixabay

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I really like this, @jrswab...

Noticed you discussing on Poetry Workshop, and here now to support... ;)




Thank you so much!

Beautiful in it's wonderful truth. Well spoken.


Thank you! I figured you would know where I was coming from <3


I certainly do.<3

I like this one... sad but happy ... melencholy


Thank you for reading! <3

Dude, I seriously love how you write your poems! They're always so short and succinct yet they always bring so much depth! Another great poem, @jrswab! :)


Thank you for always reading! <3

Adore it :] !!!!
Perfectly Rhymed and a lot said in just a few lines of a troubled spirit , who by their present choices are moving forward ( or is it a step back!) :]


Thanks for reading!


my pleasure, I really enjoyed it! Beautiful words :]

Nice piece


Thank you

Enjoyed reading this poem a lot. Thank you for sharing. :)


thanks for reading!


You are welcome.